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Founded in the year 1901, M/s Chanda Anjaiah Parameshwar (CAP) –a family owned business- has established itself as one of the leading Gold and Silver bullion merchants of India. And all through its long and eventful course, CAP has unfailingly lived up to the values of accountability, integrity and reliability which have endowed it with unrivalled acclaim and distinction. In fact, CAP is one of the top three Gold and Silver bullion merchants in India with Hallmark Certification.

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Gold is arguably the only precious metal which exercises a multi-dimensional impact on global economy. The most obvious use of gold is Jewellery. This is the form in which gold becomes a significant part of household economy. However, with time, its role as an investment asset has steadily gained prominence. This has been due to the stabilizing effect gold has exhibited on investment portfolios across the globe in times of financial and political crises. It also finds use in industries. Historically gold has been an integral part of economy. ‘Gold standard’ was the international monetary system which prevailed for over two centuries. Even though it does not exist anymore, gold continues to play a significant monetary function in the form of reserves held by Central Banks.

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In ancient times, the first metals discovered and used were gold, copper and silver, in that order. Among the ashes of fire pits used by Stone Age peoples are the remains of metallurgical work. Discoverers associated the yellow color of gold with the sun. In turn, the white brightness of silver became associated with the moon. The Greek word argyros is derived from a Sanskrit root mean shining white. In Latin, the moon is known as luna. The surgical cauterizer made from silver nitrate and niter is still known as lunar caustic today. The later Latin name argentum comes from an Aryan root meaning white and shining. The word silver is of Gothic origin meaning shiny white. The optical properties of silver are distinctive because of its exceptionally high reflectivity and very low emissivity.

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CAPS GOLD is a customer centric organization and has always ensured quality..

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Caps Coin SPOT

Caps Coin SPOT is an exceptional provision by CapsGold to all the traders..

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Gold Coins

Gold as an investment. A campaign started by CapsGold to extend our reach to..

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Caps "GTM"

It is a global trading mechanism to reach to the leading jewelery makers and bullion..

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Caps Jewellery

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A unique collection of splendid Platinum jewelry from the courtesy of the designer..

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